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Potentially, that implies that your totally average, on a regular basis stereo may, if beamed at by the right kind of equipment, turn into a surveillance device. One gadget, dubbed TWILIGHTVEGETABLE, is a knock off of an NSA-constructed GSM cellphone that’s designed to sniff and monitor internet site visitors. The ANT catalog lists it for $15,000; the NSA Playset researchers constructed one using a USB flash drive, an inexpensive SDR, and an antenna, for about $50. The costliest device, a drone that spies on WiFi visitors called PORCUPINEMASQUERADE, costs about $600 to assemble. At Defcon, a whole NSA Playset toolkit was auctioned by the EFF for $2,250. Just just like the ANT catalog, the NSA Playset contains extra than just retroreflectors.

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Here are some excerpts from the intelligence company’s personal catalog. Crate and Barrel additionally has all kinds of utility items. We have a big collection of trash cans by Simplehuman and …

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