Iphone 12 Black Friday Deals From Mini To Pro Max


For 2020 given the year we’ve had – it seems retailers want to spread a bit of good cheer with deals on the newest models with iPads discounted already. It is currently available for as low as 11,499, and you can avail the exchange offer of up to Rs 10,950. If your current smartphone is in a decent condition and is not a very model, then you might get some good exchange offer, which will lower the price of the phone. If you don’t want to buy an old phone, you can also go for the Redmi 9 Prime, which is available for Rs 11,299.

Some sales are for Black Friday in particular, and others are merely extensions of the offers that originally started when the first iPhone 12 models were released. As always, the deepest discounts generally require you to commit to a service contract, move a number to a new carrier or add a line to your existing service. And you can often amp up your savings by trading in old handsets, with recent models offering the best discounts. The iPhone 6 was cut off from receiving the iOS 14 update, and it’s likely the 6S may not make the cut for iOS 15 in 2021. Without software support, your device will slowly become less secure and die. The camera tech in these models isn’t as refined, either. Unless these are almost free, we think you’re better off with an iPhone SE or another model on this list.

Sold alongside the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini are Apple’s new affordable flagship devices. The iPhone 12 and 12 mini feature many of the same capabilities as Apple’s more expensive models, but with some downgrades that keep the price tag lower. Each fall, usually in September , Apple releases a new series of flagship smartphones. These often come at high prices and feature the latest technologies, with Apple offering super high-end models and still high-end but more affordable models. Over the years, the Android and iPhone platforms have evolved to the point where feature-wise, they’re similar in function. In 2007, Apple launched the original iPhone, kickstarting the modern smartphone era which is now dominated by the Apple iPhone and Google Android platforms.

The iPhone 4 supports video calling using either the front or back camera over Wi-Fi, a feature Apple calls FaceTime. Voice control, introduced in the iPhone 3GS, allows users to say a contact’s name or number and the iPhone will dial it. The first two models only support voice dialing through third-party applications. The proximity sensor shuts off the screen and touch-sensitive circuitry when the iPhone is brought close to the face, both to save battery and prevent unintentional touches. The iPhone does not support video calling or videoconferencing on versions prior to the fourth generation, as there is only one camera on the opposite side of the screen.

And you get 4K video shooting, with extended dynamic range at 60 fps. With 12 MP sensors in all three cameras, a 13 mm-equivalent ultra-wide lens and a 52 mm tele, the 12 Pro’s camera specifications on paper look similar to last year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max.

In fact, this all-screen phone is pretty much the iPhone XS Max in a smaller form factor. It does have a smaller battery than the Max and obviously a smaller screen, but you will still capture the same great photos and videos on this device and play the same games. Since the launch of iPhone 8, all iPhone models support fast charge. So, you can charge your phone from 0 to 50{5f4aa2069ef81c19b80427492f48f3f540dfd5362b6c20a14c94f8cab07d3b76} battery in 30 minutes with the right power adapter. The all-new triple-camera system on the new iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with Ultra-Wide, Wide, and Telephoto cameras that offer Night mode for low light images, and 6 Portrait modes.

The largest iPhone to date with a 6.7-inch screen, the Pro Max also has the advantage of lasting more than a full day on a single charge. Still, if you don’t want a Big Phone but want the camera perks, stick with the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro (8/10, WIRED Recommends). You’ll get excellent OLED screens either way you go , and a durable stainless steel body.


The iPhone XR is available for Rs 38,999, which is for the 64GB variant. This model is listed with up to Rs 14,300 exchange offer.