How To Make A Soundproof Room With Easy And Simple Steps

How to make a soundproof room at home must be known for those of you who crave to have a comfortable private room without outside noise or like to play loud audio without disturbing people outside the room.

How to Make a Soundproof Room

1. Apply Gypsum

How to make a soundproof room by applying gypsum. You can fill the gap between the wall and the gypsum with soundproofing material, such as glass wool or Rockwool. Currently available types of gypsum that are specifically for soundproofing with various thicknesses.

You can install gypsum on the wall or ceiling of the house. The installation of this gypsum board is suitable for room sources of noise, such as TV rooms, music rooms, and games. However, make sure when installing the gypsum board, keep it apart using a wooden or hollow frame.

2. Installing the carpet

The next way to make a soundproof room is to install a carpet. Footsteps at home are sure to cause an echo that can sometimes be annoying. Place a thick carpet in the room that you want to make a soundproof room. The thicker and softer, the easier it will be to absorb sound.

You can also apply the carpet on the ceiling and walls, in addition to the floor. When your budget and time are not enough to use gypsum board, thick carpets are another alternative. Also, tuck the rug pad under the carpet, so it is thicker and more soundproof.

3. Bass Traps

You can use Bass Traps in the corner of the wall as a filter for the bass sound you have. The method is easy, you just stick it in the corner of the wall.

4. Closing the Gap

The next way to make a soundproof room is to close the gaps in doors and windows. Use a door seal on your door, to block sound from entering or leaving. These gaps will help your room soundproof, especially the thicker ones.

Apart from preventing sound, door seals are also good for preventing dust and insects from entering the room. Then so that the noise doesn’t creep in through the windows, you can install weather stripping. Namely the method of filling each window pants using a special rubber.

5. Using a Bookshelf

Using a bookshelf with a full and loose arrangement of books is an easy way to create a soundproof room. Luckily for those of you who like to collect books and love your library.

The existence of a pile of books on a neat and tightly arranged shelf will make your room more soundproof. Apart from being beautiful with private library access, you can achieve the privacy of your room without disturbing your voice.

6. Installing the Decorative Acoustic panels

The next way to make a soundproof room is to install Decorative Acoustic panels. This panel is great at absorbing sound from low to high frequencies. You can buy decorative acoustic panel with a circle or square shape measuring 30.5 cm and a 5 cm indentation (corrugated model).

You can choose one made from fiberglass with an outer layer made of thin perforated mylar. This type is very superior in absorbing sound, both from outside and inside the room.

7. Acoustic foam

The next way to make a soundproof room is Acoustic foam. Acoustic foam is an effective way to prevent unwanted noise. Foam function as sound absorbers and reduce the sun’s heat from outside to the house. How to apply it is similar to installing a Decorative Acoustic panels.

8. Creepy and Lush Plants

The last way to make a soundproof room is to make creeping, lush plants outside the house. plants can prevent the entry of outside noises, such as noise from neighbors and the road.

You can also put a few potted plants on the sill or side of the bedroom window. Then the existence of bamboo grass, tall shrubs, and so on besides the soundproof room.

Those are some simple tips, how to make a soundproof room at home, so you can be more comfortable and calm. Good luck.