How to Find the Best Mobile Wallpapers

Changing the phone wallpapers image is a very popular pastime on mobile, but it doesn’t always bring the expected result. It’s not just any photo that serves as wallpaper, as it can make it difficult to read the icons and widgets on the screen. To solve this, we’ve selected the best apps that promise to give a professional touch to your phone’s home and lock screen with professional HD wallpapers.


Virtually a TikTok of wallpapers, Walli relies on your preferences to suggest new images for your mobile screen. The installation process is simple, allowing you to choose some visual references to build something like a playlist of images.

Walli allows you to set a period for changing wallpapers, which can be set to every hour or even after a certain number of days — premium app users can set changes in minute intervals. In addition, Walli allows you to follow profiles, consult images popular among other users and enjoy collections created by the application’s team, always with beautifully done photos or illustrations.

Live wallpapers 4K and HD Backgrounds

It is an official application of the Wave Live Wallpapers. The HD backgrounds collection is fed by a professional team of designers.

On top of the cool wallpapers available, this app includes a live wallpaper maker to easily design animated backgrounds and video wallpapers. You can use your photos and video or search for media by categories such as nature and colors. Also, you can look after interesting types of artworks like full 3D scenes, parallax 2D or 3D, and 3D interactive. You don’t have to worry about battery consumption, as Wave’s wallpapers are optimized for battery use. It means that the wallpapers don’t run in the background when the screen is off or when using other apps. Wave Live Wallpapers allows you to set daily and hourly wallpaper changes to shuffle your favorite HD backgrounds.


Although not offered as a wallpaper app. Microsoft Bing’s search app brings to mobile the beautiful images used in the internet portal, which also supply Windows 10’s lock screens.

By clicking on the home screen background image, the user can activate the Bing wallpaper option — for both home and lock screen. For the frequency of exchange, Microsoft only offers three options in the app: daily, weekly or monthly.


Similar to Walli at first glance, Abstruct is a gallery of beautiful images to use in the background on your mobile screen. The creations are the work of artist Hampus Olsson, compatible with 4K resolution, including images created for Android. Even illustrations made for the recently released OnePlus Nord can be found in the app.