How to Choose Suitable Natural Stone Floors for Buildings & Homes

Installing natural stone for the floor will indeed give a unique and cool impression when viewed. so that it will make the atmosphere of the house much more beautiful and also good. but to install a garage floor you have to choose a suitable natural stone. it would be better when choosing several types of stone you have to pay attention to many things to make it fit and also right. if you are confused, pay attention to the following things:


for a good natural stone texture and the right choice is to choose a natural stone that is a little rough but not too rough. One of the most commonly used natural stones is natural stone andesite burn spots. if you want to choose natural stone that is rougher or maybe a little wavy. then you can use the stone type. but it would be better not to use the RTA stone type. because it will make the floor difficult to clean.

•             NATURAL STONE COLOR It

is no less important for you to pay attention to before installing a natural stone is to choose the right natural stone color. If you want to get a shady atmosphere and also good for floors. Then you can use an andesite or coral stone brush which will make your floor look cooler.


A natural stone that is used for the benefit of the garage floor, of course, must have a good level of strength. The type of natural stone that has unquestionable strength is andesite. But you can also use other types of stones such as stone, face and many others.