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HDF5-containers respecting the minimal set of meta data from versions 1.zero.zero and 1.0.1 of the standard are suitable. Support for the ED-PIC extension just isn’t available. Mesh data in cartesian coordinates and particle knowledge could be learn by this frontend. Currently the dimensionless Hubble parameter that yt wants is not provided in AHF outputs. So users need to provide the hubble_constant (default to 1.0) while loading datasets, as proven above.

Note that this subject is defined for all particle types however will only make sense for star particles. PyNE is an open source nuclear engineering toolkit maintained by the PyNE improvement staff ([email protected] googlegroups. com). PyNE meshes make the most of the Mesh-Oriented datABase and could be Cartesian or tetrahedral. In addition to field information, pyne meshes retailer pyne Material objects which offer a wealthy set of capabilities for nuclear engineering duties.

If you have access to each the halo catalog and the simulation snapshot from the same redshift, extra analysis could be carried out for every halo usingHalo Finding and Analysis. The ensuing product can be reloaded in an identical method to the opposite halo catalogs shown here. This is optionally available and is simply used if you provide a velocity area. If this is not supplied, it is inferred from the length and time items. assumes that particle positions associated with one grid are not bounded within one other grid at a better level, so this must be ensured by the consumer prior to loading the grid data.

Gadget Catalog

It is feasible to create native yt dataset from Python’s dictionary that describes set of rectangular patches of knowledge of presumably various resolution. yt will make the most of length, mass and time to set up all other units. This also works when loading numerous files in a time sequence.

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